What a Mortgage Broker Should do for You

A good mortgage broker will always start by asking you to explain your entire finance
situation. For this reason, it is always wise to show up for your first meeting prepared
– take your key documents so you can give the most accurate details to the mortgage

Remember, the right loan is one that has flexibility for any changes in the future, so little
things such as your future plans can make a big difference when choosing a suitable loan
product. Your broker should:

  • Discuss and confirm loan options in writing
  • Explain:
    • all documents of the loan application
    • …and help you to complete the loan process, from application to closing
    • all associated costs and fees of the loan application
    • the disbursements
  • Communicate with you throughout the loan process in a timely manner
  • Follow up the lender for you from application through conditional and on to unconditional approval
  • Negotiate with their lender/s to achieve the best deal
  • Provide you with accurate updates with loan process

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